Limoges CSP
Disabilities / IME des Bayles

Disabilities / IME des Bayles

Ambassador: Jean-Frederic Morency

Main Life Skills: Communication

About the program: Limoges CSP is joining forces with IME les Bayles for second to develop its One Team program. IME les Bayles is an institution for teenagers and young adults with social and intellectual disabilities. Working with people who have intellectual disabilities is a new opportunity for the Club and a new challenge.

The main objective for the program is to enable young people to use sport to help them develop fully, to achieve a certain degree of autonomy and to promote their social and socio-professional integration.

A total of 16 girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 17 years old will take part in the program, which will be led by One Team Coach Julien Dominique every week for 11 weeks.