Tofas Bursa
Community Cohesion / The New Generation Tofas

Community Cohesion / The New Generation Tofas

Ambassadors: Caner Topaloglu

Main Life Skills: Leadership

About the program: Tofas Bursa incorporated its first One Team program into an existing program called “The New Generation Tofas”, which is the main CSR program of Tofas Sports Club - situated at the Basketball City, Bursa. Founded in 2015, it is the only local youth program based on the idea of equal opportunity in basketball and it places an emphasis on youth at risk.

The program currently includes 15 schools from suburban regions all around Bursa, with 1000 participating children and 40 assistant coaches. The New Generation Tofas provides coaches, practice sessions, basketball equipment and “e-learning” education. The One Team program specifically focuses on leadership and through the power of basketball introduces young people aged 8-12 to the following skills: Taking Responsibility & Caring, Self Confidence & Hardworking, Listening, Communication & Understanding, Decision Making & Problem Solving, Catching Dreams & Going After Goals, Determination, Being on Time and Being Unique.