Anadolu Efes Istanbul
Community Cohesion / Okyanus Koleji

Community Cohesion / Okyanus Koleji

Ambassador: Birkan Batuk

Main Life Skills: Self-confidence, sense of responsibility, communication

About the program: Anadolu Efes Istanbul has joined forces with a new partner, Okyanus College, to develop its One Team program. One of the most important school chains in Turkey, Okyanus College has partnered with Efes to address modern-day social problems which leave many young people without personal skills such as communication, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility and without good physical education habits.

After discussing this issue together, Efes and Okyanus College have decided to start their collaboration by running a program based around how basketball can be used to enhance key life skills for 15 young people who are using counseling services.

The participants, who are aged 14 and 15, will spend two hours every week for eight weeks working with Efes's One Team coaches, with the objective of improving self-confidence, social skills and physical habits, leading to a healthier and better quality life.