Brose Bamberg
Community Cohesion / Trimberg School & Elementary School Burgebrach

Community Cohesion / Trimberg School & Elementary School Burgebrach

Ambassadors: Nikos Zisis, Louis Olinde

Main Life Skills: Developing teamwork, instilling respect, promoting tolerance

About the program: The club is continuing to work with the Hugo-von-Trimberg-School Bamberg for the fifth consecutive season – a secondary school where many of the pupils come from districts that face a variety of social problems: high rates of unemployment, large numbers of migrants, limited prospects, difficult family situations, and lack of motivation. One Team is implemented into regular school lessons which ensures the children’s attendance and gives them the best opportunity to develop over time. In total, 30 children from 7th grade will attend One Team sessions in Bamberg. The main objectives of the program are to show participants what teamwork / respect / acceptance / tolerance is all about, to offer incentives to improve, and to learn to value their own ability and success.

For the 2017/2018 season, Brose Bamberg has extended its program to a second school – elementary school Burgebrach, 23 young people (aged 8-9) will spend two hours every week for eight weeks working with One Team Coaches in order to improve teamwork, respect and promote acceptance and tolerance.

Both Nikos Zisis and Louis Olinde will visit the sessions and take part as role models for the kids.