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Disabilities/UNES Union Deportiva

Disabilities/UNES Union Deportiva

Ambassadors: Phil Pressey, Magette Niang

Main life skills: Effort, Respect, Teamwork, Humility, Ambition

About the program: Linking an amateur wheelchair basketball team (UNES AFA) to the FC Barcelona One Team program helps participants with special needs feel recognized, while enhancing their skills through sports. Similarly, complementary methodologies promote learning and the acquisition of a number of essential life skills which assist in their socialization process while offering them access to a space where social values are the cornerstone of the educational activity.

FC Barcelona and its Foundation are committed to establishing a comprehensive, plural and flexible socialization process, capable of producing models of integration and positive coexistence, where each child or young person can fully engage in their personal education process and share it with their peer group and the professionals who accompany them throughout the process.

Promoting the learning of values in children and young people is one of the keys to the development of a more just and inclusive society where equal opportunity is the norm. This group is often excluded from access to the services and opportunities that they are entitled to. The FutbolNet program aims to help children and young people, in the context of diverse participation, to increase their educational potential in order to achieve the highest levels of socialization and integration in a space where sport, using the methodology of basketball in three phases, is the vehicle that channels and promotes change towards the social inclusion of children and young people.