Khimki Moscow Region
Community Cohesion & Disabilities/ Mytishchi Children's Home of Musical Education & Vera

Community Cohesion & Disabilities/ Mytishchi Children's Home of Musical Education & Vera

Ambassadors: Dmitry Sokolov, Anthony Gill and Vitaly Nosov

Main Life Skills: Following instructions, Consideration for teammates, Understanding common goals.

About the program: Khimki has been developing its One Team activities for four years, working with groups of children who had been deemed by local youth authorities as prone to antisocial behavior.

For the new season, Khimki is now working with two separate groups of children simultaneously, with one group located in Khimki and the other in the nearby town of Mytishchi, where the club’s EuroLeague home games are being staged. First, the club is continuing its long-standing partnership with the town administration of Khimki, who have helped initiate a collaboration with Vera (which translates as ‘Faith’), a local center for children suffering from mental disabilities.

The professionals at the center have formed a group of 13 children aged between nine and 16 to participate in this year’s One Team program, which will see Khimki provide an opportunity for the group to train in professional sports facilities. These sessions are aimed at developing the children’s psychomotor skills and basic social skills such as following instructions, consideration for teammates, understanding common goals and the role of an individual within a team.

Khimki’s new program in Mytishchi is dedicated to a group of children from local orphanage Mytishchi Children’s Home of Musical Education, which cares for 32 children aged 7 to 16.

As the name suggests, a special feature of this orphanage is providing musical education for the children, who all learn to play a musical instrument and form an orchestra which has a long history of participation in a variety of musical events.

And now the new One Team project is giving the Mytischchi children an additional sporting element to their education, with the opportunity to be trained by Vitaly Nosov, Russian national team former player, along with fellow One Team Ambassadors and current Khimki stars Dmitry Solokov and Anthony Gill.