Unicaja Malaga
Substance Abuse and Community Cohesion / Proyecto Hombre and Marcelino Champagnat Foundation

Substance Abuse and Community Cohesion / Proyecto Hombre and Marcelino Champagnat Foundation

Ambassador: James Augustine

Main Life Skills: Motivation, Self-esteem, Integration, Team-work

About the program: Unicaja Malaga has developed two One Team programs for the 17/18 season. One that works with people that have problems with substance abuse and the other that works with children from Marcelino Champagnat Foundation.

The first program Unicaja runs with Proyecto Hombre for the fifth consecutive season. Proyecto Hombre was established in 1985 to provide solutions for treatment and rehabilitation from drugs and other addictions. Unicaja works with each group from Proyecto Hombre for 8 weeks, engaging up to 19 young people at a time. Each session is 1 hour long and in addition to running core life skill development sessions, the club also focuses on looking for ways to motivate and encourage their participants by integrating them into the activities of the club and running social events to which friends and family can be invited.

The second One Team Program of Unicaja Malaga is developed together with Unicaja Bank Foundation, City of Malaga and with Marcelino Champagnat Foundation. Unicaja brings One Team expertise to an existing program called Suman2+ which is dedicated to children and young people living in the Monte Payero neighborhood, which has social indicators of marginality due to economic precariousness of the resident population in which 24 different nationalities lives. The One Team program gives minors attending workshops the opportunity to perform physical exercise outside the neighborhood, which can contribute, not only to deepen talents and skills, but also to improve relations and links with the social and institutional fabric of the neighborhood.

Two groups of 12 young people (aged 7-15) will have different activities with the aim to:

• teach social skills through basketball
• teach values such as the effort and perseverance
• promote motivation, respect, sportsmanship, physical exercise and commitment