Cedevita Zagreb
Disabilities/Down 21

Disabilities/Down 21

Ambassador: Filip Kruslin

Main Life Skills: Self-confidence and Motivation

About the program:

Cedevita has continued its work with One Team by maintaining a successful program to benefit people with Down's Syndrome. The club is partnered with Down21, an association working with young people (aged 16-23), a demographic who become more and more marginalized and isolated when they leave school.

The organization is unique in the city as it is run by parents of those with Down's Syndrome and specifically aims to change the lives of young adults, rather than children.

Participants in the program meet every other Monday under the guidance of One Team coaches who use specially-designed basketball drills to develop key life skills. In particular, the sessions are aimed at building self-confidence and motivation among the participants, inspiring them to reach their true potential in life.