Real Madrid helping to change lives through basketball

Aug 03, 2017 by Print
Real Madrid helping to change lives through basketball

The power of Euroleague Basketball’s One Team programme has been demonstrated by the example of Jose, a teenager who has been participating with Real Madrid’s activities.

Jose has behavioural difficulties which result in hyperactivity, providing challenges to his involvement in sport and leisure activities, but for two days each week, every week from October to June, Jose took part in the Adapted Schools of the Real Madrid Foundation.

As a result of regularly participating in these One Team activities, Jose has been able to overcome a fear of taking public transport alone and is now able to travel by himself from his school to the sessions, also giving him much more independence and autonomy in his personal life.

Jose has also significantly reduced the number of inappropriate verbal responses he uses within practices, and is better able to manage his hyperactivity.

With his reduced hyperactivity comes an increase in his attention span at school and so he is performing better in class, clearly illustrating how sport possesses the power to make a positive impact upon all aspects of people’s lives.

Real Madrid has incorporated One Team into the existing programme of the Real Madrid Foundation entitled ‘Adapted School Basketball’, which seeks to provide high quality basketball-related activities to participants with disabilities who don't usually find many opportunities to play.

The main objectives of the programme are to teach participants with physical and intellectual disabilities how to play basketball while embedding positive sport values such as commitment, partnership, enjoyment and equality.

Real Madrid are working with 120 people (12-30 years old) twice a week in nine different facilities all around Madrid, from October to June, and the activities were supported last season by the club’s One Team Ambassador Othello Hunter.